Signata Project Documentation

Signata is a Decentralized Identity project for smart contract-based blockchains.

  • See Chains for implementation-specific differences between blockchains that Signata is deployed on.

  • See Contracts for smart contract addresses.

  • See DAO for details on governance for the project.

  • See Design for architecture and design documentation.

  • See Examples for examples on how to use Signata identities.

  • See Identities for details on how identity lifecycle is managed on the chain.

  • See Integrations for implementation details on integrations with the Signata platform.

  • See Links for links to development communities and other connected services.

  • See Risk for information on the Risk Oracle solution.

  • See Veriswap for information about the Veriswap service.


This project is under active development and smart contracts may be changed at any time.